My practice

My definition of osteopathy

Manual therapy aimed at rebalancing the different muscle chains, osteopathy as I practice it aims to examine my patient mainly from the angle of postural chains, while keeping in mind the dimension of globality inherent in osteopathy.


A scientific practice

Thanks to protocols and techniques proven by science, as well as by regular reading of scientific journals, I make sure to offer you an up-to-date and optimal treatment.

For people working at a desk

After a research thesis on pain related to prolonged computer use, I worked for several years for computer companies, professional video game teams and office workers. My in-depth knowledge of the pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle is a huge asset to anyone working in an office.

Sport Osteopathy

Sportsman from a young age, I then trained in orthopedic and sports osteopathy, in order to help you continue your sport in the best conditions, and get you back on track in the event of an injury. My knowledge of Taping will also allow you a smooth and secure sports recovery.

Osteopathy for all

Having worked for almost 4 years in a multidisciplinary medical practice in France with general practitioner, pediatrician and physiotherapist, I have had the opportunity to work with patients of all ages and conditions.

Work experience

Osteopathic practioner in France

Since 2014

Practice of osteopathy in a medical office with general practitioner, pediatrician, psychologist and physiotherapists.

Ottawa Holistic Wellness

Practice of osteopathy within a multidisciplinary team, I left France to work in this clinic and try the Canadian experience

Back in Balance

My new office in the west side of Ottawa, I’m pleased to work with this incredible team of various practitioners

Osteo Gaming

Intervention as an osteopathic practitioner for professional e-sport teams (Fnatic, LDLC, GO, …), for various companies (Asus, Blade, Sony, SELL, …) with seminars on posture.

Complete Wellbeing

Continuing from Ottawa Holistic Wellness, I am happy to still be part of the same team in new buildings!

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